Sweetbread (Thymus Gland)

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Sweetbread is the glandular part of the Thymus gland from younganimals. It is prepared by removing all the fat and adjacentconnective tissues.

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Red thoracic offal prepared by removing the auriculae, valvesand pericardium trimming the visceral fat.

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Red abdominal offal prepared by removing the kidney capsule, ureter, blood vessels and fat.

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Red abdominal offal prepared by removing the capsule, lymphnodes and fat deposits.

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Consists of the bone-in tail.

Point requiring specification:
  • Fat trim


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Cheek Meat Papillae Off

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Consists of the masseter muscles after removing the membranesand the mouth papillae.

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Tongue (Swiss cut)

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Prepared by removal of the hyoid bone, fat, connective tissue andregional lymph nodes. Graded according to weight and color.

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Thick Skirt (Hanging Tender)

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Thick Skirt is the lumbar portion of the diaphragm.


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Bovine Fancy Meats

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Trimmings are those portions of meat remaining after deboning the carcase and preparing the primal cuts.
Ligaments and tendons are excluded.

Point requiring specification:

  • Fat score.

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