About Uruguay

Uruguay is one of the largest meat producers in the world.

Their cattle are raised in the open, under natural conditions with a mild climate, fertile land and abundance of water generated in its many rivers and streams, ensuring the welfare of animals.

Almost 100 000 people share the environment with animals.

In addition to livestock producers and meat processing industry, this area of work to many people.

Uruguay is the second country in the world in beef consumption per person, with 53 kilos per person per year.

Produces about 600 000 tonnes of beef a year, 150 thousand for domestic consumption and 450 000 are going to the world.

The meat goes to over 80 countries and represents a quarter of merchandise exports from Uruguay.

To reach these objectives, our country has designed the best livestock information systems in the world: Traceability + Electronic Information System for the Meat Industry.

Investment in technology is in a very specific sense: to know more about natural cycles and learn more and more to follow building on the tools of the Information Society.

These achievements coupled with the health status achieved by Uruguay and product quality has been enhanced to Uruguayan beef in the demanding markets.

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