The importance of the livestock
sector and meat export in Uruguay´s
economy can hardly be overestimated.

However, more important than this fact is the
optimism with which we observe the future
growth potential of this sector.
Within the various activities in which INAC is
incolved, we have included the preparation of
this «Handbook of Uruguayan Meat», which
has a double objetive. On one hand, to act as
a letter of presentation of the wide variety of
safe, healthy, nutritious, tender and tasty
products, which our country has to offer. On
the other hand, it is an essential working tool
to facilitate the marketing of our meat
This Handbook has been prepared by a group
of excellent professionals of INAC, who have
benefited with the inputs made by several
Uruguayan marketing professionals. A special
recognition for their effort and the hope that
this Handbook will be a valuable contribution
to their work.

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