Historically the sector has been the historical leader of the country’s exports and in this there is a solid work to reinforce this hegemony implementing projects and programs seeking to achieve certification as exigenes more international.

400 years ago, July 1608 – our territory as defined Hernandarias of great use for farming and the raising of the great goodness and quality of their land.

Since then, the origin of our livestock to today, in the flesh Paish had its main economic resource, and 400 years after the product comes with all the information that allows you to tell his own story, from field to plate.

Uruguay has the capacity and ability of all actors in the agro-industrial chain for the production of meat and an institutional framework that ensures the health of animals, meat safety and commercial quality required by buyers.

For over 30 years the country has a group tracking system and more recently with traceability mechanisms that allow tracking individual animals from its inception and until they reach refrigerator.

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