Quality Certification

Access to major markets requires a great job on security. Thus, the certification of this product ensures that the products obtained through this series of steps are under control.

In addition to the health and safety aspects, it is useful also to address specific business requirements of buyers.

The certifications began made in the final product and was so through the Uruguay Official Certification Quality Control performed by the National Meat Institute, 30 years guarantee minimum levels of market quality of meat exports.

The evolution of the requirements for certification of products began to fall back on industrialization and that’s how the final product also included the final stages of the task-conditions, cooling boning.

Finally, in recent years, the requirements in this regard in the markets and end users began to aim at primary production level, continuing the shipment, transportation, industrial stage to final product.

Implement a tracking system, both livestock and the industry, becomes an essential tool pra grant such certifications.

INAC, in fulfilling its tasks, performs a series of certifications that include:

Mandatory certification as a Certified Quality Control Officer COCC and certification of the Hilton quota that Uruguay offers to guarantee product quality at the markets.

Optional Certifications, which include those that are need for a particular market and that the Institute makes available to the exporters, is the market Meat Certification required by the Chilean government to ensure compliance with established regulations of that country.

Voluntary certifications, those that INAC, constantly in search of better opportunities pra insertion of Uruguayan beef in the world offers as a tool of differentiation.

These certifications are framed in Meat Certification Programs PPC.

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